The global pandemic has affected our industry in many ways. Salons worldwide were forced to shut their doors for weeks or even months.  Many salons have received the green light to open their doors but with VERY strict guidelines and restrictions.  Restrictions such as:

  • Only one guest per stylist in the salon at a time (no more double booking)
  • Limits on how many people can be in the salon at one time
  • Strict sanitation that must be completed thoroughly after every guest
  • Limits of what guests can bring in with them for their appointment
  • Guests must wait outside or in their car for their appointment
  • Temperature checks are required or strongly encouraged in many locations
  • Requirement of PPE to be worn by all parties

So how do we protect ourselves, our guests, follow the guidelines and earn a livable wage all whilst trying to make up for months of lost wages?

Today we are going to share five tips with you to ensure you are being as efficacious as possible in the salon.


I know this sounds silly.  Most of us behind the chair have to plan our days in advance.  We schedule clients and make sure we have the supplies that we need.  But that’s not exactly what I mean…

It is important to plan your day and to be as strategic about it as possible.
Do your best to ensure you have scheduled the correct amount of time per client.  There is always the risk for unknown occurrences- but playing “catch up” right now has proven to be much more difficult.

If you have a client that is historically 5-10 minutes late, try to schedule them later in the day.

Make sure that you are scheduling out your sanitation time as well.  You will need to ensure that you are following ALL sanitation rules and guidelines and this means sanitizing/disinfecting after every single guest.  Your health as well as the health of your guests depends on it.


What do I mean by homework?  I mean home hair care in preparation for their salon service.  If your guest is coming in for a service involving chemicals (especially any color correction or lightening) have them come by and purchase OLAPLEX No. 3 to use at home up until their salon visit.  This will help to ensure that the hair is in the very best condition possible and that you won’t have any last minute surprises! Having to squeeze in extra treatments or unscheduled services can turn a smooth, productive day into a very stressful day. So, prevent yourself from getting behind at all costs.  Give them the homework!

To learn more about giving your clients homework and why it is beneficial for them AND for you, check out this “Beyond the Live” post.

❗️Remember, retailing provides an income source without having a scheduled service on your books. Encourage your guests to use OLAPLEX retail at home.  Peace of mind for you and healthier, stronger hair for your guest.. What’s not to love?!!?!


Visit your local store and purchase clear tubs with lids- the shoe size storage tubs are perfect.  I have seen these at many retailers and they are fairly inexpensive. Pre-pack each tub with essentials items that you need for each guest that day.  This can consist of: combs,  brush(es), cape, towels, mask, gloves and anything else that you might need.  Remember, the point is to have one per client for the day so that it stays sanitary.   When your guest arrives, you can pull out a pre-packed storage tub and when the service is completed you can simply store everything back in the same tub with the lid on.   Later, sanitize and disinfect your items according to manufacturer’s instructions.

❗️Remember to keep your new and used guest kits separated! I recommend keeping sanitary kits up front by your station and place the used ones in the back room.


Many stylists have been severely impacted by the limit of guests allowed in the salon. With having such restrictions, it’s worth discussing which salon services are going to be the most advantageous to schedule and when.
Do you have a client coming in for an OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment as well as 3 haircuts?
Prioritize prioritize prioritize! Book the 3 haircuts in a row and then your OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment.

Remember,  you must still sanitize the salon after EVERY guest, but setting up a strategy (such as individual guest tubs from above) will drastically cut down your time quite a bit. Strategically placing services that have processing time throughout your day will help you to effectively utilize that time since double booking is not an option.


Maximize your guests processing time that you have strategically placed throughout your day.  Sanitize, disinfect and restock your guest tubs from the third tip.
Start a load of laundry.  Spray down any door handles that have been touched, clean the bathrooms, the front desk, shampoo area, and even your station (depending on where your client is located). Make sure that all of your cleaning and sanitation products are filled and ready to use.
Doing some of this sanitation now will help you to not have “as much” to do before you can allow your next client in. If there is no sanitation that can be done or you are completely caught up, take this time to do some of your “after hours” tasks, if possible.  Gather your totals, stock (and order) inventory, send your guest reminders, schedule appointments, etc.

We understand the restraints and hardships that our Professional community is facing during such unprecedented times.   We hope that implementing one or all of these efficiency tips will help you continue to be safe and successful in your salon.

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