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Retailing quality products to our guests should be a major part of our consultation and services. We strive to provide our guests with the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible. That is why we choose such high quality products to use in the salon.  Have you ever created a gorgeous color masterpiece for a guest to only later receive a dreaded message saying  “my color all washed out”??  I have….and it’s gut wrenching.
After troubleshooting,  you determine that your guest used low quality products at home. Those beautiful results and hours of your hard work washed right down the drain.
What’s even worse is when they call and expect YOU to refund or redo the color because of this.  So how do you prevent this?


Benefits of OLAPLEX

OLAPLEX has an entire line of products that work for ALL hair types! That’s right.  No more needing to mix and match from multiple lines because of a guests hair texture or hair type.  OLAPLEX works beautifully for everyone! As with anything, knowledge is the key to success.


  • Color Safe
  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Free of DEA, Aldehydes and Formaldehyde
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalates Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • the only patented system to noticeably repair extreme damage.

The patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use OLAPLEX to restore damaged and compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Before and after using OLAPLEX Nº. 0

Each product at a glance

OLAPLEX Nº. 0 and Nº. 3 work together as our most reparative “at home” treatment to provide strength, integrity and protection to the hair from damage via chemical services, heat tools, environmental factors, and mechanical damage.
*Remember: the “Stand Alone Treatment” is our strongest form of repair/protection and is only available for us professionals to offer as an in salon service. 

It’s important to reiterate to our guests that even if they do not use chemicals, their hair can still be damaged. Do they use heat tools? Do they swim or spend a lot of time in the sun?  Do they take medications or have they had anesthesia?  There are so many things besides “chemicals” that can cause damage to the hair.
So whether your guest is looking for repair OR prevention, using Nº. 3 (and Nº. 0) will benefit them!

OLAPLEX Nº. 4. and Nº. 5 have so many benefits.  Literally anyone can use them! They are color safe, free of all the harsh chemicals, and can I just mention the luscious lather that Nº. 4 provides? Yes- it is sulfate free, too! So how does it get that bubbly cleanse?

“OLAPLEX Nº. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo lathers beautifully with a rich, luxurious foam” says Joe Santy, VP of OLAPLEX.  “Our novel blend of ingredients and sulfate free cleansers outperforms the rest in both lather and repair. The demand for sulfate-free shampoos came because of the irritating properties to the hair, skin, and scalp along with color loss due to traditionally formulated shampoos. Highly concentrated OLAPLEX Nº. 4 is a unique blend of extracts and oils from fruits and plants that gently cleanses the scalp and hair. Add to that our state-of-the-art sulfate-free cleansing agents along with our active Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate makes Nº. 4 unsurpassed for a reparative shampoo experience.  Easily rinsed from the hair, it prepares a great base for a conditioner or mask. OLAPLEX Nº. 4 is gentle on the hair and skin, will prevent scalp damage and split ends, help with the retention of your natural oils and hair color, along with producing tremendous shine. “

OLAPLEX Nº. 5 is thick, creamy and oh so dreamy!
This color safe conditioner leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and hydrated and healthy. As with all OLAPLEX products, the patented chemistry offers repair and protection as well as frizz prevention.
Instruct your guest to apply Nº. 5 focusing first on the ends and mids of the hair, and then gently detangle.  Leave on for at least 3-5 minutes for the maximum benefits.  You can even add a couple drops of Nº. 7 for a more intensive condition! For both the shampoo and conditioner, make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Don’t forget to purchase Backbar sizes of OLAPLEX Nº. 4 and Nº. 5 to use on your guests.  I love to show them just how little product I need to get a great lather and cleanse.  I let them smell it, and I’ll even hand them a mirror so they can watch me shampoo.  Little things like this might seem silly, but my guests love it and they almost always buy Nº. 4 and Nº. 5 from that strategy alone.

For that fantastic finish we have our two amazing styling products.. OLAPLEX Nº. 6 and OLAPLEX Nº. 7.

All of your guests styling needs are covered with this dynamic duo.  Curly hair? Straight hair? Fine hair? Thick hair? Long hair? Short hair? Facial hair? Yep, OLAPLEX N° 6 and N°. 7 will work for you!

OLAPLEX N°. 6 strengthens, moisturizes and speeds up blow-dry times.  However, this super hydrating styling cream works just as well for air dried styles.  The fact that such an multi-faceted product can be so weightless on the hair is a definite bonus elaborating on its ability to work for everyone.  Fine hair will not be weighed down or heavy, and curls receive subpar definition without the crunch.  The best part? OLAPLEX N°. 6 can provide style retention for up to 72 hours! Take that, humidity!

Grab your sunglasses because OLAPLEX N°. 7 dramatically increases shine. Other benefits include: added softness, color vibrancy, flyaway and frizz control, and UV/heat protection of up to 450°F/232°C.  This can be applied on damp or dry hair and as with all OLAPLEX products, its super concentrated.  The bottle comes ready to dispense a metered drop with each tap. (Simply hold the bottle upside down, and tap on the bottom to release a metered drop.  No shaking necessary!


We recommend using OLAPLEX in all of your salon services. When you use OLAPLEX on your guests hair during their service, they will see and feel the results.  Recommend the retail products to maintain those results at home.

Not only will can your guests have beautiful, healthy hair between salon visits, but it also ensure that when they return their hair will be in optimum condition.

This will help safeguard you from losing out on any future services. It is no fun to decline a service due to your guests hair condition.  Using OLAPLEX at home as well as regular in-salon treatments will ensure that this doesn’t happen.


Do I need the entire line for the products to work?

Is the repair permanent?

These are examples of questions you might receive from the guests in your chair when you discuss home maintenance with OLAPLEX retail.  Here are some frequent questions professionals receive and their answers:

Q: Can I use one or all of these products if I have not had the in-salon treatment done?

A: YES! Your guest can use one or all of the retail products even if they have not had the in salon treatment yet.

Q: I have fine hair.  Will these products work for me?

A: Yes, OLAPLEX products while concentrated are very light weight on the hair. Recommend your clients start with a pea to dime size amount of Nº. 4,  Nº.  5, Nº. 6 and 2 metered drops of Nº.  7 to start with.  If they require more product, they can add as needed.

Q: Will OLAPLEX products build up on my hair?

A: No! All the ingredients in every OLAPLEX product are water soluble meaning they will not build up on the hair.

Q: Can I sleep in OLAPLEX Nº. 3

A: This is not recommended.  OLAPLEX Nº. 3 will work while it remains damp in the hair. Once it dries, it will no longer be effective.  Sleeping on wet hair is never a good idea as the hair is in its most fragile state when wet. Furthermore, you run the risk of getting the product into your eyes. 

Q: How do I explain to my clients what OLAPLEX does?

A: There are many different ways to explain what OLAPLEX does and why it’s beneficial. The first is by using the products yourself.
Other favorites by stylists are: side photos of real guests results, having hair swatches treated with OLAPLEX for visuals, and offering “mini treatments”.  Click here to learn more about how OLAPLEX works

Q: Are the results of OLAPLEX permanent?

A: Yes.  OLAPLEX repair is not temporary and will not wash away.  However, it is very important to remember that bonds break in the hair from a multitude of factors. Chemicals, heat, UV rays, wind, rough brushing, sleeping (friction on the pillow-especially with hair that is damp or wet), medications, anesthesia, hard water issues, seat belts/purses, styling, ponytails, buns, just to name a few.  This is why we recommend to use OLAPLEX retail at home between salon visits, and encourage the use OLAPLEX in all salon services.  Repair and maintenance go hand in hand when speaking of healthy hair.

Q: Does OLAPLEX provide moisture and protein?

A: OLAPLEX Nº. 1, Nº. 2, Nº. 3 and Nº. 0 have no moisture or protein.  Those issues will need to be addressed separately.  These products strictly deal with repair to the bond structure.  BUT… with that repair, the hair is going to receive and hold onto treatments better (moisture, protein, and even chemicals such as color and toners/glosses)

All OLAPLEX retail products (aside from the aforementioned) do provide moisturizing and hydrating benefits.

Some OLAPLEX retail products contain small traces of what is called “Hydrolyzed vegetable protein”.  This is not a keratin protein and can not affect or over-proteinze the hair.  This is added in very small traces to allow the hair to absorb moisture and helps reduce the hair’s porosity without any risk of any build up.

Q: Will OLAPLEX Nº. 7 cause my platinum (blonde) hair to turn yellow?

A: No way! OLAPLEX No.  7 will not build up on the hair and will not cause any discoloration to your guests gorgeous locks and all of your hard work!

Q: Can I use OLAPLEX products along with my other favorite hair care products?

A: Absolutely! OLAPLEX products work beautifully with all color and product lines, though they may find when using OLAPLEX retail that they no longer need other products. 


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