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It’s not if…it’s when.  Post-pandemic color corrections are coming.

We are here to make sure you are prepared!

Color corrections can be challenging and some can be downright intimidating.   Post-pandemic color corrections are inevitable given our current situation and we need to make sure we’re prepared! 

Elyse Rox owns RockIt Studio in Schaumburg, IL.  She recently taught a great class “Lifting after quarantine” in our OLAPLEX Users Facebook group that I highly recommend watching.  She was also kind enough to chat with us and share some of her expert tips and advice. 

Color corrections can be challenging and some can be downright intimidating. Elyse has some “Rockin” tips and tricks that will help you on any color correction journey.


“The time it takes is my least favorite part of the correction process.” admits Elyse, a 28 year veteran hairstylist. 

“Some corrective color can take hours and sometimes I split it into 2 days. Treatments one days then the actual color process the following day. But my favorite part is the smile on my clients face after I nailed it!  I would say 20% of my normal clientele
is a hair transformation in one way or another.”
says Elyse.

While this is a pretty accurate percentage of what we normally see behind the chair, those numbers are sure to be on the rise in the weeks and months to come. Post pandemic color corrections are becoming more common as more states begin to allow salons to reopen.

How exactly do we prepare ourselves for color corrections? What steps can we take to ensure the best results? Elyse decided to share some of her greatest tips and tricks to make sure we are all prepared for any correction that sits in our chair.


While some services do not require an in-person consultation, any color correction or transformation should really have a separate consultation.  Consultations can be done the day of the appointment, or day(s) before.  Many stylists will consult with their client at the beginning of their appointment.  However, some stylists like Elyse prefer to do this day(s) before, and for good reason.

“I require an in person consultation for all new color clients.  I ask them to bring in some hair inspiration photos so that I get a better idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes people have a hard time expressing themselves and pictures really help.  I have them come in days before so I can assess their hair so I know how much time and which process(es) I’ll need to get their desired result. Previous hair color history plays a huge part in timing and process. ”
says Elyse.

So regardless of when you perform your consultation, this step should never be overlooked or rushed.


The most important thing to do with any corrective service is to make a game plan.  Both the stylist and the client need to be on the same page and have a general understanding of the process.  This is not something that either party should go into blindly.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most important parts of your service.  So, what should be involved in a consultation? Of course, the basics: 

  • Desired goal
  • Previous services
  • Budget

This would likely cover the necessary basics, but Elyse likes to go a little more in depth.

First, I ask them to show me what they are looking for. Pictures are best. Then, I tell them if their expectations are realistic or not. I will not do something I do not think can be done or will result in damaged hair . I also ask them about their current hair color history and hair care routine. We discuss how they are expected to to take care of this desired color. Sometimes it’s almost like I’m talking them out of it but I want them to know what is truly expected from them to maintain the desired color they are requesting. A stylist can only do so much, at home care is so important and Also salon maintenance” 

So, not only does Elyse thoroughly explain what will happen during the current service, she also opens the conversation to what is required for the desired goal and maintenance before ever beginning the service. Sometimes client’s do not understand the intricacy of what is needed to get to their goal.  If they are not specifically informed regarding this, it can cause confusion.  According to Professionals in the industry, the confusion is oftentimes related to total cost and timing.  Having this conversation early on during your consultation can help to prevent any confusion down the road for you and your client.


You’ll notice above that Elyse also opens the door to a retail conversation before ever beginning the service which I find very intriguing.  They are now aware (before ever committing to the service) that home care is not just important, but required.  Most conversations about retail begin at the end of a service and can be easily brushed off by clients. They might not understand the significance or importance of using quality retail OLAPLEX products at home.  Opening the dialogue at the beginning is an easy (and smart) way to ensure the client knows the importance of home haircare and also ensures retail sales.  Plus, you know all of your hard work you are putting in is going to last as long as possible! If you would like to learn more about Consultation tips, check out this blog

What is Elyse’s number 1 tip to share regarding color corrections? We asked, and she answered!

“I feel a lot of stylists just want to attack the hair with lightener. There are an arsenal of products out there to remove color that aren’t lightener . Keeping the integrity of the hair is so important when it comes to color holding. If you are not making sure the hair strand isn’t blown out from the lightener, no color you apply after to balance is going to hold. 

Using Olaplex and Malibu C Pro to start and throughout your process ensures you to have the best outcome and will keep the hair as healthy as possible.”

Not only can you use OLAPLEX in all of your services and chemical formulas, but you can also use OLAPLEX as a “Stand Alone Treatment” before, during and after each process.  OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatments are the MOST intensive form of repair for the hair and can be performed as often as needed to maintain and improve the integrity of the hair.  Get this- they can even be performed back to back if intensive repair is needed! Make sure to utilize OLAPLEX as often as needed during corrective or transformation services to ensure that the hair remains strong and healthy!

For more information about Stand Alone treatments, click here:

Let’s face it, anyone who has performed a color correction knows that they can be stressful.  These types of services often come with fear, anxiety and exhaustion.  Know that you are not alone in this.  A good consultation, making a game plan and a strong understanding of the services you are going to be performing (and lest not forget coffee and snacks) will help to ensure an awesome experience for you and your client.  Of course you have many resources available should you have questions such as OLAPLEX Users on Facebook as well as the Education Center Discussion Forum.  You CAN do this!

”Olaplex and Malibu C are my absolute must-haves. These are always my go to when starting any kind of color transformation or correction.  I will usually use Malibu C CPR which is a color pigment reducer to remove color build up as well as minerals from the hair. At this point it is a very clean canvas and the perfect time to do an Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment to prep the hair for what process I’m about to do to get the desired result. I also add Olaplex No. 1 into all my colors and lighteners. Usually their hair feels better when they leave than when they came in, even after all the chemical processes. Prepping the hair is super important to get an amazing final result and to keep the hair in supreme condition throughout the whole process.” says Elyse 

Strategizing a plan for each portion of the service is inherently important.  Some questions to ask yourself before reaching for ANY products are:

  • How is the hair condition currently?
  • What are you going to use to remove the color?
  • Is there build up/minerals in the hair? If so, what are you going to use to remove them? 
  • How are you going to repair the hair before the process? 
  • How are you going to ensure the hair stays healthy during any chemical processing? 
  • How is the cuticle?  How’s the porosity?

Color corrections and color transformations are something that does take time and patience.  Because of this, be sure that you are charging accordingly.  Some professionals recommend charging ala-carte for each step of the service.  Some recommend charging an hourly rate.  Some do a mixture of both.  Either way, voices unanimously agree that making sure you are charging your worth is critical.  You do not want to spend 8 hours on a correction and end up losing money. To learn more about charging for OLAPLEX services, check out this blog:

“Olaplex keeps the hair strong and healthy. It is the most innovative, groundbreaking product I have seen in all my 30 some years in the business.
Not only is Olaplex an amazing product, the company is full of integrity. They take care of all us stylists. I recommend Olaplex to all my clients because I know their hair will be in optimal shape when they come back in to see me. Stops breakage in its tracks. Nothing else compares to Olaplex’s patented technology. I recommend Olaplex to keep the integrity of the hair in amazing shape while away from the salon. I also recommend Malibu C for all my specialty clients (swimmers, hard water, blondes etc.)” says Elyse.


OLAPLEX has a full line of in-salon and at home products to ensure the health of the hair.  OLAPLEX No. 1 and No. 2 can be used in all salon services.  To read a little more about adding OLAPLEX into your services, click here

We also recommend clients use the retail line at home to ensure hair health.  OLAPLEX retail products can repair, mitigate, and protect the hair from damage caused by chemical, mechanical and environmental damage.  If you would like to learn more about OLAPLEX retail products, click here:


Watch some highlights from Elyse’s most recent live education “Corrections after Quarantine” on OLAPLEX Users.  To watch the entire live, please click here


Elyse Rox- RockIt Studio

Elyse Rox is a Malibu C Educator as well as an OLAPLEX Advocate.  

“I’m 100% real! I’m a straight shooter and true blue person. I’m also really funny and will do anything for a laugh.”

She is well known for her vivids, her amazing artistry and her desire to provide quality education to all stylists.   She has been published on multiple platforms and is a Modern Salon Top 100 stylist as well as a BTC nominee 

For more about Elyse, follow her on Instagram: @elyserox00 or visit her website here:

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