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Who is ready for some expert styling tips and tricks that you can use at the salon and at home?
Jackie Chan is here today to share some of her best tips and advice for natural summer styling using OLAPLEX No. 6 and No. 7.

Work by Jackie Chan of Salon718 – Brooklyn, NYC

“I’ve noticed my own hair having so much softness” says Jackie, Hairstylist at Salon718 in Brooklyn, NYC.

“I’ve had back to back balayages for over 6 years now. I never give my hair a break. Thank goodness for Olaplex No. 6 & No.  7.  Not only can I air dry, but it doesn’t make my hair feel like hay when it finally dries to 100%.”


Choosing the right style

We know that choosing a style for our guests takes some planning.  There are key factors that should be considered before we proceed with our styling and finishing.  Some of those things are:

  • How do they style at home
  • Hair length, density, texture
  • Personal preference
  • Time

We want to know how Jackie approaches this aspect of her guests experience.

 “I always ask during my consultations what they do when they step out of the shower. Once they take me through their after wash hair routine, I can figure out what will work best for them. Somehow I always end up saying “Low maintenance, modern hair” and then their eyes light up and they say “YES!”. We speak about their natural texture and what they want to get from utilizing it. I then choose my cutting tool and then we start!”

Getting an idea of your guests day to day styling routine not only ensures that they can maintain the look at home, but it can also play a key factor in how you cut/color their hair. Everything we offer in a service from start to finish should be included in our consultation.  We love that Jackie gets a feel for her guests at home styling routine before she begins her service.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Some guests bring in magazines to show us a haircut or style that they want.  Some bring their own sketches. However some guests like to ask the professional what they are inspired to do with their “canvas”. This gives us the opportunity to master the new trends.  We asked. Jackie if she ever likes to base her styling techniques off of current trends.  Her response: 

“Yes, I like seeing what’s out there. I always use the term “Magazine-hair” because it lets my guests know that I’ll be delivering a current cut”  she says.

We all have that haircut, style or service that makes us giddy to deliver to our guests. What is Jackie’s favorite summer style to design currently?

“I love doing a textured cut, then being able to twist, wave, scrunch and dry. Everyone I do this to gets really excited to see what their hair can do. And they love to learn a new technique” she says.


We love that you incorporate your guests natural texture when styling! Many of our guests have not mastered how to work with their hairs natural texture or density.  Giving them tips on low maintenance styling (with great products, of course) really helps them learn to maintain their hair style at home while keeping the integrity as healthy as possible.

Choosing the right products

One of the best things about OLAPLEX products is their versatility.  OLAPLEX No. 6 and No. 7 offer so many benefits and such a variety of ways to use.  But a common question I see from stylists and guests alike is “Who can use this product?”

Olaplex No. 6 & No. 7 can be used on every hair type and texture. It’s the amount and technique that is important. Like most products, always give them a mini lesson on how to use it for their desired finish” Jackie states.

“It’s the amount and technique that is important”.
This is a great rule to live by!  As most of us know, OLAPLEX is very concentrated.  We use the highest quality ingredients and we do not dilute or water down our products.  So, short, fine hair may require less product than long, thick hair.  However, all hair can (and will) benefit from the use of OLAPLEX products.  We always urge you to advise your guests on the amount of product you recommend they start with to achieve the look they desire.


“Guests can now more than ever safely heat style their hair.” says Jackie while discussing the benefits of No. 6 and No. 7 for styling. “Every single guest I’ve had has said “Olaplex styling does what it says it will do” and I’m wowed because it’s true! I don’t even need to persuade anyone. They see it when they go home and use it.”

Using OLAPLEX No. 6 and No. 7

There are multiple ways that OLAPLEX No. 6 and No. 7 can be used.  Here is a short list just to name a few

  • Braiding
  • Diffusing
  • Updo/style
  • Air dry style
  • Natural texture dry
  • Sleek back ponytail
  • Voluminous ponytail
  • Messy bun
  • Shine enhanced sleek look
    and the list goes on and on.

Of course each style will perhaps have a different application approach.  For example, one of my favorite ways to use No. 6 and No. 7 is while setting curls.  I will apply No. 6 to damp hair, allow to dry (or blow dry) apply No. 7, curl hair slightly off base, and then apply a tiny dab of No. 6 through the curl, and pin to cool.  Once cooled, I will use my fingers with No. 7 to separate the curls and this provides voluminous, bouncy curls that will last days!  (This is my go to for wedding styling)

OLAPLEX is so versatile.  Did you know that No. 6 and No. 7 can be used on damp and dry hair! It’s true.  We asked Jackie what her expert advice is that she shares with her guests for application instructions.

“I recommend No. 6 on damp hair. This allows the product to use the water to slip around and distribute. I recommend No. 7 on both damp and dry hair. Apply to damp hair for a natural dry style. Or blow dry and even flat iron to seal. One more tap for shine on the ends. It’s so good!” Jackie raves.

So how much OLAPLEX do you advise each guest to use? What if they use too much product? Too little? What is the right amount? How do we gauge this?

“I always perform a mini demo for my guest. I show the amount of product they should use;  I always use the weirdest explanation and please don’t mind it but I say the size of a Large hamster poop for No. 6. It’s a visual they can’t forget and we both get a giggle out of it. ” says Jackie.

Not only does this offer a giggle between Jackie and her guest, but this is a measurement they will not forget!  This is a brilliant way to ensure that your guest does not use too much product.

“For Olaplex No. 7, I explain they will find their “Magic Tap number.” Mine is 7 because I have long hair. After that I say rub it on your hands like hand lotion, apply to your hair, comb through, part as your normally would and let nature take its course for a natural summery style.”

We love the “magic tap number” reference.  That response is so memorable, and as every guest has a different hair texture and density, it is often hard to gauge that “magic tap number” for your guest.  We always recommend starting with less than you think you need (2-3 drops) and then applying more as needed until you find that “Magic tap number” for yourself.

No.7 Laydown

The 3 R's

Retail, recommendations and raves.

The three R’s are very important when styling behind the chair.  Retail is so important to ensure the guests hair remains strong and healthy at home.  Our guests might not come right out and ask for our recommendations but more often than not, they will consider what you recommend to them.
Quick tip: Share guests raves in you salon and on you Social Media page/website.  It’s awesome for current and potential guests to see real life people from your salon who love and benefit from using OLAPLEX products.

“Since joining my new salon, my owner has decided to take on Olaplex as part of her retail line. In the meantime I’ve been using my Affiliate link to get my long time guests to buy all of the home care” says Jackie regarding retailing OLAPLEX products in her salon.  

We all have that one tip or trick that we want to share with other professionals. who are working behind the chair.  Jackie’s. best styling product tip is this:

“Find your Magic Amount. That will be the key to getting your hair to coax its natural texture without feeling muddy or too fly away.” 

Even if you use too little or too much product while finding your magic amount, no harm done.  OLAPLEX products are all safe for daily use and can not build up on the hair or cause any type of damage from overuse.

Lastly, we asked Jackie to tell us why she uses and recommends OLAPLEX styling products?

“I love Olaplex so much for the simplicity in its mission. To repair your hair on the inside so it can look its best on the outside. So many lines that I’ve come across over all these years tried this and it just wasn’t the same. The science behind it is failure proof. And I love science, it’s so exact in Olaplexes case. It’s undeniable how great of a product it is.” says Jackie.


OLAPLEX products are all reparative.  They all have the same chemistry that relinks the bonds in the hair producing stronger, healthier hair and will help to prevent damage.  Using the entire retail line will provide the maximum protection at home for our guests.


We would like to thank Jackie for taking the time to share her tips, advise and expertise with us! Check out the full live from Jackie on Olaplex Users Facebook group by clicking here.

“I love people, and sharing anything I can share that I’ve picked up along my journey as a hair stylist gives me so much joy. When we close out a practice during yoga, and the teacher ends with Namaste: The light within me honors the within you. That sums up how I feel about everyone I meet and have the chance to cut, style and color. I leave a little piece of me and vice versa. It’s beautiful!” says Jackie.

Watch some highlights from Jackie’s most recent live education “Summer styling with No. 6 and No. 7” on OLAPLEX Users.  To join OLAPLEX Users on Facebook, please click here.


Bliss...The Salon - Tucson, AZ

Jackie Chan is an OLAPLEX Advocate as well as a Calligraphy Cut specialist located at Salon718 in Brooklyn, NYC. 

She has been cutting hair for 15 years,  a mom for 16 years and a wife for 18. She says “I love art and music so much. Graffiti art is my favorite, having been born and raised in the 5 boroughs of NYC.   Joseph Lee is my favorite current artist now and if you look him up, you will see why his art speaks to me and my style of cutting.”


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