Summer Hair Repair with Amy

What is summer hair? How do we treat it? Can it be prevented? We are here today with stylist Amy Spencer to discuss everything from diagnosis, treatments, and prevention!

Beyond the Live with Katie

“Corrective blonding can be overwhelming. Allow yourself to set realistic goals for your client & you will set yourself up for success.” says Katie Novak of Hair Nerd Orlando

Beyond the Live with Jackie

Getting an idea of your guests day to day styling routine not only ensures that they can maintain the look at home, but it can also play a key factor in how you cut/color their hair. Everything we offer in a service from start to finish should be included in our consultation.

Beyond the Live with Catherine

Clients will typically need homework when they have a goal they want to reach. Whether it’s healthy hair, going blonder, or preparing for a perm, clients will need to not only receive in-salon treatments, but they will also need to follow up at home. Overall, my clients who take my advice and take their products home (and actually use them), will reach their hair goal much sooner than those who don’t.

Beyond the Live with Elyse

Color corrections can be challenging and some can be downright intimidating. Post-pandemic color corrections are inevitable given our current situation and we need to make sure we’re prepared! RockIt Studio owner Elyse Rox has some great tips and tricks that will help you on any color correction journey.

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