OLAPLEX Nº. 3 Hair Perfector is a treatment
that packs a big punch for your guests.
It works by repairing all types of hair
Every guest in your chair is a
candidate for OLAPLEX Nº. 3.
Did you know you can even
customize it for your guests?
Let’s discuss
OLAPLEX Nº. 3 Color Bombs!

Color Bombs

Color Bombs are created by mixing our award winning retail product, OLAPLEX Nº. 3 with professional direct dyes to create a unique and customizable treatment for guests to use between salon visits.
You can customize OLAPLEX Nº. 3  for anyone! Many stylists (including OLAPLEX Ambassador Guy Tang) do this regularly and it’s a great way to send your guests home with a dual use product that repairs, protects, extends color longevity, and replenishes those tones lost from normal fading.

I am here to break down how to customize these products for your guests to give them a one-of-a-kind reparative AND color depositing/toning treatment that they can’t get anywhere else!

Who are they for?

These can be color customized for just about every single guest that sits in your chair.
Blondes, fashion colors, pastels, brunettes, auburn, reds, rose golds, golden tones.  Everyone can have a Nº. 3 customized just for them… Even virgin hair!

The idea is simple.  Add a drop (or more for a stronger impact) of direct dye directly into your OLAPLEX Nº. 3. You can use one color, or more to create a completely customizable tone.
Blondes benefit from tones such as: silver, lavender, violet, and blues (especially for those clients who lift brassy during corrective colors)
Auburns/reds: red pigment, or a mixture of reds and oranges/yellows.
Brunettes: reds, violets, and orange pigments.

The amount of pigment you will include will highly depend on the tonal value you are aiming to achieve.  1-2 drops will give more of a pastel toning effect, while adding more will intensify the results (and oftentimes will stain the hands..(but more on that later)

I’ve even found this is a great alternative for my daughter who likes to have different tones in her blonde hair but without the commitment (or the need for cold shampoos)

Customization for all

Customized OLAPLEX Color Bombs are a unique retail product that can be created specifically for your clients wants and needs.  Your tone can be as vibrant or as pastel as you and your guest would like.  With that, there are a couple of key points to note:

  1. If your color is highly pigmented, there is a good chance that it will stain your guests hands/shower.  It is very important to inform your guest of this up front.  Some stylists like to give their guest a pair of gloves and a processing cap.
  2. More pastel Color Bombs will have a softer pigment delivery to the hair. This is great product to keep those platinum blondes icy between salon visits.

Some users prefer to pour the Nº. 3 into a mixing bowl to mix in the pigment- some leave it in the bottle and just add the desired amount and shake.  It’s  personal preference but either way, it’s super easy!

Open your bottle of OLAPLEX Nº. 3

Add in the amount of pigment desired

Reapply the Nº. 3 lid

Shake well

Fun fact: You can also add direct dye pigments into OLAPLEX Nº. 5 conditioner!

Retailing key points

Retail OLAPLEX Color Bombs just like you would OLAPLEX Nº. 3. We recommend charging for your customization what you feel is appropriate.
Ask your guest to report back after their first treatment to let you know their results and experience.

Ensure your guest knows how much product to use and the timing you recommend for a Color Bomb treatment.  When deciding how much pigment to add, remember that OLAPLEX Nº. 3 needs to process for at least 10 minutes for the best results.

I am a huge proponent of visuals!
This is an OLAPLEX Color Bomb with a purple based direct dye swatch tested on pre-lightened human hair for 15 minutes.
You can purchase human hair extension samples or you can create your own. This is a great sales and marketing tool for your guests!

Tips from PROS

I love that OLAPLEX offers our salon guest’s the option of keeping their vivid colors vibrant between appointments with custom mixed OLAPLEX Nº. 3 Color Bombs.  I empty Nº. 3 into a bowl, then add in their vivid shade until desired tone is achieved. Mix well and use a small funnel to pour back into the Nº. 3 bottle. Have them apply the same way they would do a regular at home treatment unless they have more then 1 shade.

Kelly Smith – Vivid Trendz Studio Salon, Tennessee

OLAPLEX Color Bombs are an exciting retail item because they are a two-for-one value for clients. They can treat their hair for repair AND refresh their color in between salon visits with one product! Also, with it being custom mixed by their colorist each time, they won’t find a more personalized hair care product.
Even following proper protocol and using the best products, clients will experience some fading during their washing and styling at home. For this reason I recommend using an OLAPLEX Nº. 3 Color Bomb once a week or once every other week depending on how often they wash their hair.
-Samantha Boykin, Halcyon Hair Studio, South Carolina

I love creating Olaplex Color Bomb because it saves so much time for my guests.  In one step they repair & strengthen their hair and maintain & refresh their color.  I create Olaplex Color Bombs with Guy Tang Mydentity direct dyes Vibrant Pastel & SuperPower mainly for blondes to neutralize undesirable tones (yellow) and for fashion colors (pastel or vibrant) for those who want to slow down the natural fading process.  Depending of the needs and how pigmented the direct dye is, I usually pigment my Olaplex No.3 using these proportion 1/3-1/4 of direct dyes for 2/3 – 3/4 of Olaplex Nº. 3.  I mix thoroughly in a ziplock like I would mix icing with food colorant.  Then I cut out the tip of one corner of the bag and fill back the bottle of Olaplex No.3.  Voilà an Olaplex Color Bomb ready to save the hair day!

Amélie Berthelette – Amélie Berthelette Hair artist- Quebec

Color Bombs are a great way to refresh vivids at home, especially for those that shampoo frequently or refuse to use cold water. It’s also a great way to counteract toner fading.  You can use Color Bombs during color correction processes to help remove unwanted gold and yellow tones.
Not only will they be able to refresh and retone, they will also be repairing their hair at the same time.

Remember, this must be a direct dye. Oxidative color will not work for Color Bombs.

Stylist customization means they won’t be able to get a product like this anywhere else! Solidify your retail business with your guests and
offer OLAPLEX Nº. 3 Color Bombs today!


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