Why it’s important and how asking this ONE question will improve your results every time!

The phone rings.  Your receptionist takes down the message. She looks your way, so you make your way to the desk.  She hands you the note. Your client (Let’s call her Client A) has just called and is unhappy with her hair.  It’s your guest from 2 days ago.

She was the client with the medium length level 8 hair.  She brought the photo from January’s Cosmo magazine.   She wanted an all over color and a trim. You recall her consultation.

“I want this color.  My ends are dry but I don’t want to lose much length, so just trim what is necessary.”

You go in to the back, mix up your color, and begin your application. She tells you all about her son starting drivers ed and how nervous she is. You talk about your pets after she sees a photo of your Goldendoodle at your station.   The color and cut turn out beautiful, it was exactly what she asked for.  You recall how she was so happy when she left.. She even tipped and rebooked. Everything seemed to go great!

“I did exactly what she asked for. It looked almost identical to the picture.”

Confused, you call her to come back in so you can make it right. An appointment which you know will be pro-bono.  You’ll have to stay late one day because you’re booked out for at least 4 weeks with no wiggle room. All day you stress.  How could you have prevented this? You did everything right. You asked her what she wanted to do, and you gave her exactly what she asked for.

Guest A comes in, and you sit down to discuss her concerns.  It turns out that she cannot get her hair to style like you did.  It doesn’t feel as soft and healthy as when she left. It doesn’t dry as smooth and shiny as when you did it.  She didn’t purchase any professional retail products because she wasn’t sure what you used.  She admits she loved her hair when she left. She doesn’t understand why her hair doesn’t look and feel the same as the day you did it. She had different expectations than what was discussed in the consultation.  She expected to come home with better, prettier, healthier hair. But after shampooing at home she realizes while the color is what she wanted, the hair still “feels” the same to her as it did before her appointment.

What now?

You talk to her about hair health and a treatment called “OLAPLEX”. You explain that an Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment will improve her hair’s condition, and that there is also retail products to use at home like No. 3 which is a treatment that can be used in between salon visits. You also talk about the importance of using salon quality products, and that the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner she is using is not going to provide the results she is wanting.

Her hair feels amazing and she cannot believe the results.  This is what she was looking for.  She takes home all of the recommended OLAPLEX products you talked to her about. She is now so happy! You just wish you wouldn’t have had to stay 2 hours late on a Saturday if you could’ve prevented it. 

So, how do we prevent this from happening?  By adding this one simple question to your Consultation routine:

“How does your hair feel?”

Sounds  easy enough, right? A major shortcoming of consultations is not asking the right questions.  You need to know your guest’s desired end goal, and it’s great to have a photo for reference.  But remember, guest’s do not always understand their hair the way us Professionals do. They might think that a haircut will fix all of their “lackluster” or “dryness” problems.   Our guests have access to a lot of hair related information online, much of which is overrun with inaccuracies. 

I want to give you two consultation examples.  Both imply the same questions, but by changing the way we ask questions we can really get the necessary information that is needed. This will ensure that you and your guest are on the same page.  

Stylist: “Hi, Client A! What do you want to do today?”

Guest:  “Just “the usual”… Cover the grey, and trim the dead ends”

Stylist: “Ok, great! Was everything good at your last appointment? 

Guest: “Yes”  

Stylist: “Ok, i’m going to go get your color mixed up. I’ll be right back”

Client A has been coming to you for 5 years.  She comes every 6 weeks like clockwork. She would tell you if she wasn’t happy with her hair, right?  Maybe…or maybe not. Now stop and think. Was that a thorough consultation? Do you know anything about how she feels about her hair? Chances are, probably not. If you ask the same, generic questions every time she might not be inclined to open up to you, either.

Now, lets try a different approach:

Stylist: “Hi, Client A! What do you want to do today?”

Guest:  “Just “the usual”… Cover the grey, and cut the dead ends”

Stylist: Wonderful! Before we get started on your new growth touch up, let’s do a consultation. How is your hair?  How does it look and how does it feel to you? 

Client: Honestly, I’m ready to give up on it. I don’t usually blowdry my hair and i’m really careful when styling, but lately it’s been looking unhealthy and unruly. I guess I just need to keep it cut short. I don’t know what else to do. 

Tiffany Daniels - Studio B Hair Design & Waxing Studio Olympia, Washington

Tiffany Cathleen, a published stylist and OLAPLEX Educator said this during a recent interview: 

As stylists, we know that a proper consultation is key. We ask the client about their desired look, their routine, and those sort of things, but I think it’s pretty rare for us to ask about how the hair feels. To me, look and feel go hand in hand. That’s why during a consultation, I am sure to ask about the feel of the hair as well. Achieving hair that feels good is just as important as achieving the right look. At the end of a service, I ask my clients to run their fingers through their hair to make sure it feels as good as it looks. With Olaplex on my side, I know that the hair will look and feel its best, and so do my clients. They maintain their hair at home with the home care system between regular appointments. 

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