I purchased OLAPLEX…now what? Part 1

We are excited to hear that you have invested in OLAPLEX! You have joined the worldwide community of salons and stylists that made the decision to provide a quality service for your clients. OLAPLEX products have one of a kind, patented chemistry and there is no other product that can do what OLAPLEX does.  If you are just starting your OLAPLEX journey,  you might have some questions. 

Some of these questions might include:

  • What is OLAPLEX?
  • How do I talk to my clients about adding OLAPLEX to their service?
  • How do I charge for it?

OLAPLEX has revolutionized the hair industry. It is not only a way to ensure that your clients have the most beautiful and healthy hair in town, but also a great way to generate an increase in your revenue. Many of us are in this industry because we love to make people feel beautiful and happy while also earning a nice paycheck.  In this blog we will outline how YOU can take control of your business and become an OLAPLEX PRO in 2020.

Stepping outside of your normal comfort zone can be difficult sometimes.  Remember that first day in a new job? The emotions? The fear? Most of us know that feeling.  Sometimes talking to our clients about add on services and retail can feel somewhat similar. We never want our clients to think we are only interested in their money.  Sometimes it’s hard to approach the topic of add on services and retail with clients because we convince ourselves they cannot afford it, or that they will not spend the extra money. 

“Client A just had to spend $700 on vehicle repairs, and the holidays are right around the corner”


“Client B is a single mom. She won’t spend the extra money.” 

We are ALL guilty of this at one time or another.  We need to remind ourselves that we are not our client’s financial advisor. Our job is to ensure that the client in our chair is receiving the BEST service.  They are paying for our expertise. They deserve the highest quality services that we can offer to them. 

There are multiple ways to talk to your clients about OLAPLEX.  One of my favorite ways to explain OLAPLEX to clients (without getting too scientific) is this:

Think of your hair in comparison to the human body.  Moisture and protein are like your blood vessels, arteries and veins.   Oils, silicones, film formers are like your skin.  OLAPLEX deals with the skeletal system or the “foundation” of the hair by repairing broken disulfide bonds. OLAPLEX is highly effective on its own however it is meant to be used in conjunction with all of your favorite products for the best results possible.

-Jordan Alexander. Director of Special Projects for OLAPLEX

OLAPLEX Director of Special Projects Jordan Alexander

When it comes to pricing your services, OLAPLEX does have some recommendations.  As a Stand Alone Treatment, OLAPLEX recommends charging as much as you would for your most expensive in salon Deep Conditioning treatment.  For adding into chemical services OLAPLEX recommends charging a 15% up charge. For example, on a $70 dollar service, you would add on $10.50 to incorporate OLAPLEX.   That is about 2 Cappuccinos at Starbucks…..(not a high cost considering those amazing benefits if you ask me) For other services such as OLAPLEX Mini Treatments and Beard treatments, the typical charge is anywhere from $10-$30.

So, now that you know more about OLAPLEX, make sure to check out all the new features on the OLAPLEX Education Center including the Resource Library, and the OLAPLEX Education Manual. You can also become OLAPLEX Certified!  Once certified, you can hang your OLAPLEX Certification proudly in your salon. You will also receive a badge next to your name on our OLAPLEX Salon Locator. (coming soon) Don’t forget to tag @OLAPLEX in all of your work! We look forward to seeing what you create.

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