The OLAPLEX logo is recognizable worldwide and one of our greatest assets to the brand.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • The logo color should be black.
  • It should be placed on solid, contrasting, colored backgrounds, preferably white (e.g. not overlaid on a photo).
  • There should be enough space (padding) around the logo to properly identify it in a group or list.
  • Do not alter the logo: don’t change the font, don’t move the text above the brandmark, don’t add a gradient, don’t recreate it yourself, etc.
  • When possible, use the graphic version of the logo. In type and when not possible, please spell out “OLAPLEX” in title case (not olaplex) or use “OLAPLEX, LLC”.
  • If you require a white-colored logo for specific design purposes, you can get the PNG here and the EPS here.
  • If you are uncertain about the best use for your artwork, please contact our support team.



These can be placed inside or outside your salon. The graphics are high resolution. Feel free to manipulate them to your liking.

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