Move on over, Halloween…  Movember is here.  What’s Movember? It’s more than just a play on words.  It’s a movement, and an important one at that. The purpose of Movember and No Shave November, both separate charitable organizations, is to shed light on men’s health issues.  This is a very important cause.  So how can we, as Professionals, help those men participating in Movember?  Let’s outline some ways that you can assist your clients in reaching their goal of not shaving all month long, and maybe even longer.

Beards can feel scratchy on the face, especially for men who normally shave.  Facial hair has a flatter shaped follicle which can make the hair feel more coarse and curly as it grows. Many men struggle to keep their beards full, soft and hydrated. This Movember, introduce them to OLAPLEX- the solution to their problems!  

Start by offering OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatments or Mini Treatments to your bearded clients.  This is so easy to do while your client is in your chair for a haircut.  Apply OLAPLEX N°.1 directly to your clients beard and let it process for 5-10 minutes while you begin your haircut service. After 10 minutes, apply OLAPLEX N°. 2 directly over the top of your clients beard (you can apply some on their hair, too). Continue your haircut using N° 2 as a cutting lotion.  Once you have completed the haircut, take your client back to the shampoo bowl and shampoo and condition the hair and beard with OLAPLEX N°. 4 and N°. 5.  Once completed, style his hair and beard with OLAPLEX N°. 6 and N°. 7.  He will be blown away with the results! 

At home:

You’ll want to send your clients home with a bottle of OLAPLEX N°. 3 to assist in maintaining the results.  Apply this 10 minutes before hopping in the shower once a week on the hair, beard, or both! 

Being able to use one cleanser and conditioner for the hair and beard is an added bonus that many male clients will appreciate. When he learns that this cleanser and conditioner combo covers both, he’ll definitely want to take some home. We have received countless reports of softer, shinier, more manageable hair and beards when using OLAPLEX N°. 4 and N°. 5.  Some also report they have experienced even THICKER and FULLER hair and beards.  

OLAPLEX N°. 6 and N°. 7 is an all time favorite for men with beards.  This dynamic duo makes styling a breeze! These products can be used individually, or cocktailed together.  Just a tiny dab of N°. 6 mixed with 1 drop of N°. 7 (more if needed) is all you need for superior beard styling. This duo offers UV and heat protection, frizz control, moisture, shine, and the reparative benefits that all OLAPLEX products offer.  This will have him looking and feeling amazing!

OLAPLEX products are very concentrated.  Make sure your client is using the correct amount of each product.  I always recommend showcasing the products while the client is in your chair.  This way you can show them how little product is required while letting him feel and see the difference.

Help the men in your chair raise awareness this Movember/No Shave November with a little help from you and OLAPLEX. 

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