We are surrounded by scientific discoveries. Many shape our daily lives. Where would we be without electricity and life saving medications? Scientific discoveries vastly improve our world, our lives and the lives of those around us. An impactful scientific discovery created a new category in the hair care industry with “the invention”. Hair Treatments and Chemical Services are taken to a whole new level- allowing Professionals to push the envelope a little further while eliminating risks. This has changed the rules of hairdressing for the better. What was once considered irreversible damage is now repairable with this innovative Bond Multiplying chemistry. Once simply known as “the invention” is known today as OLAPLEX.

OLAPLEX consists of an innovative and patented chemistry, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, that offers damage repair and prevention with every use. Consisting of 8 products, 2 of which are Salon exclusive, OLAPLEX products are carefully developed to ensure the highest standard of quality. OLAPLEX uses clean ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, glutens, and aldehydes while being vegan, cruelty free, and entirely non toxic. This innovative chemistry is found in every OLAPLEX product. With inclusivity as an integral core value, our products have, and will always be, designed to support every hair type and every hair texture.

Let’s revisit the basics of hair composition. What accounts for the strength of hair? If you answered bonds, then you are correct. There are three main bonds found in the hair. Two are physical – meaning that they are broken and reformed through physical changes. The two physical side bonds are called Salt bonds and Hydrogen bonds. These bonds account for ⅔ of the hairs strength and health due to sheer volume. The third bond is known as the Disulfide bond. It is considered a chemical side bond because, you guessed it, it’s most often broken by chemical services. Accounting for ⅓ of the hair’s overall strength, the Disulfide bond is responsible for linking two polypeptide chains together. The Disulfide bonds are the strongest of the side bonds and their strength and integrity is necessary for healthy, strong hair.

When hair is damaged, bonds are broken apart resulting in single sulfur hydrogen bonds. The internal hair structure can be likened to a ladder. The sides of the ladder hold everything in place and the rungs represent the Disulfide, Salt, and Hydrogen bonds. When too many rungs (bonds) are broken, the ladder will collapse. When bonds are broken in the hair, it will become damaged and will allow Cysteic Acid to form and eat the protein chains. This causes damage, sometimes to the point of breaking.

So what does OLAPLEX do? First, OLAPLEX builds a permanent, yet artificial bridge to form a stronger bond. An easy way to visualize this during a Stand-Alone Treatment or chemical service is to imagine that in a bottle of OLAPLEX No. 1 there are millions of double-headed snakes. When applied, they bite onto each end of the broken bond forming that permanent bridge; however, 100% of the bonds aren’t always relinked at this point. The application of OLAPLEX No. 2 after the service assures that any bonds missed during a service will be relinked.

The second, and equally important benefit is during chemical processing (coloring, lightening, texture services). For a chemical process to be successful, bonds must break. This is what allows the desired change in hair color or texture to occur. These services often result in the formation of Cysteic Acid (S03). If Cysteic Acid forms, it will eat at the protein chains causing the hair to look dry, damaged, brittle and frizzy. This is where OLAPLEX’s patented chemistry is unique in the industry. OLAPLEX simultaneously relinks the bonds during chemical services quicker than the S03 (Cysteic Acid) can form. This ensures that your clients hair is going to be repaired and healthy post service. Many Professionals have reported their client’s hair is even stronger and healthier after the chemical service than before!

OLAPLEX is not limited to those who receive chemical services. Whether your hair is color treated, texture treated, virgin or anything in between, it is damaged on a daily basis. OLAPLEX assists in both preventing damage and repairing it, returning the hair to a virgin like state.

INSPIRED BY SALONS, PROVEN BY SCIENCE – OLAPLEX No. 1 and No. 2 can be utilized in all chemical services in the salon. To learn more about using OLAPLEX in your professional services, please refer to our Education Manual. To ensure your clients hair remains healthy between salon visits, send them home with OLAPLEX retail products! This will ensure your client will maintain healthy hair between salon visits while preparing their hair for their next salon service.

Chemistry may be intimidating but using OLAPLEX is easy and user friendly. Hair is an investment and the only accessory that we never take off. In fact, it’s the only thing short of plastic surgery that can change the way you feel about yourself. Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, shiny hair and the results of OLAPLEX make that a reality.

Today we celebrate Science. We celebrate the life changing inventions that have made our lives easier, safer, and better. OLAPLEX revolutionized the industry by creating a one-of-a-kind product category that has improved the way we treat hair. The chemistry in OLAPLEX has improved the lives of stylists, clients and consumers around the globe. Damage that was once deemed irreversible is now repairable with OLAPLEX. I could walk around in the dark with a candle, but it’s a much safer option to turn on the light. Turn on that light with OLAPLEX!


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