One size fits all is a misnomer used to indicate one garment fitting all body types. We both know that doesn’t exist. There is no one-size-fits-all garment, but there is one product that fixes all kinds of damage. OLAPLEX is that product. From using OLAPLEX No.2 as a cutting lotion for haircuts to using No.1 in chemical services, OLAPLEX works on all hair types to repair damage. This means every service with OLAPLEX will make hair healthier than before. We want that result, every time, with every service. 


OLAPLEX is a patented single chemistry ingredient that multiplies bonds in the hair. When adding OLAPLEX No.1 to a chemical service, OLAPLEX is working to mitigate the damage done while chemicals create change in the hair. Before OLAPLEX, the concept of a bond multiplier was inconceivable. Before OLAPLEX, though as careful as possible with our client’s hair, damage would occur on some level, and it was acceptable. OLAPLEX revolutionized the hair industry completely with this innovation as, for the first time in history, we can reverse hair damage. As OLAPLEX Ambassador Chad Kenyon, says, “any service without OLAPLEX is an inferior service.” For this reason, OLAPLEX should be used in every service.


When you deliver a top tier salon service, you allow yourself freedom without compromising the integrity of your clients’ hair. The results after using OLAPLEX are visible immediately. Your work turns out better, and your client is happy you achieved their desired look without damage. You know your work is a walking talking advertisement for your business, why wouldn’t you want it to look the best possible? 


Using OLAPLEX further develops the trust between you and your clientele, keeping them in your chair while referring you new clients. Picture this scenario: your client’s friend notices their new highlights, they look healthy, shiny, vibrant––their friend is shocked and impressed and wants to see you immediately! Referrals are as simple as that. OLAPLEX is compatible for every hair type, from straight to curly, virgin hair to compromised, meaning your walking advertisement speaks to everyone with hair. 


Our goal at OLAPLEX is to help you succeed. The investment made in a single Salon Intro Kit is minimal compared to the profit made when you add it onto a service. The investment exceeds just numbers. Modern clients are exceptionally educated; they are actively looking for hairdressers and salons that use OLAPLEX. They want results, healthy hair, and someone knowledgeable who can give that to them. Are you already using OLAPLEX in every service? Complete the OLAPLEX certification online to become a certified OLAPLEX stylist. Becoming certified will illuminate your business as we list all certified OLAPLEX stylists on our locator, bringing more clients into your chair.  


OLAPLEX can be used in haircuts, color and lightening services, glosses, perms, relaxers, extensions, and styling services. For more information on optimizing each service using OLAPLEX, check out our Education manual. 

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