OLAPLEX is REINVENTING Professional Education!

As Professionals, our education drives our success.

We take classes, research relentlessly, and every day we strive to perfect our skills.With OLAPLEX’S promise for healthy hair, our commitment to education, and your hard-earned skills, every client can have hair they never dreamed was possible!

Theresa Lanno of Bombshells Glam Lounge in Rockledge, Florida attending a class with Tracey Cunningham.

So…how much do you currently invest in your education?

What if we told you that there are valuable NEW educational resources that you can access anytime, day or night, and in the comfort of your own home FOR FREE? Guess what, now there is!

Here at the brand new OLAPLEX Education Center we have exciting new resources to help you lean in and get your learn on!
Our NEW OLAPLEX Professional Education Center has multiple resources on the best ways to use OLAPLEX with every client!

  • Easy and simple directions on how to use OLAPLEX in every service.
  • Get listed as a OLAPLEX Certified Salon/Stylist? Check! We have a free OLAPLEX Certification that puts your business at the top of our
  • Salon Locator as a Certified Salon/Stylist.
  • As an OLAPLEX Certified Salon/Stylist, you’ll have exclusive access to our Community Discussion Board giving you:
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Continuing Education
  • Group Mentoring with successful hairdressers that have incorporated OLAPLEX with every client.
  • Quick access to a licensed cosmetologist and OLAPLEX Educator via Live Chat for emergency assistance!
  • Exclusive sneak peeks and offers via e-mail to our OLAPLEX Certified Hairdressers!


Join the thousands of Professionals changing our industry by offering OLAPLEX to their clients.

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