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Create a robust retail business

For some artists, retailing product is second nature.  With little to no effort, they can sell any product without issue.  But it doesn’t come as easily for others .  I know this because i’ve experienced it.  Retail was a huge struggle for me in the first half of my career, but that all changed when I discovered OLAPLEX.



Now wait, don’t go out and purchase the entire retail line and expect it to fly off the shelves just yet.  Though undoubtedly that does happen.

I am simply suggesting that you focus less on the sale and more on the product.

Today I am going to break down the top 4 ways that you can create a robust retail business that will flourish with OLAPLEX!

  1. Become fully educated on the product you are selling
  2. Be passionate
  3. Share that passion and education with your guests
  4. USE the products on your clients.

Getting educated

Being fully educated on the products you are selling is a key factor in retail.  Our guests have access to resources and have become very educated on things such as sulfates, parabens, silicones, etc.  However, we know that the internet is also filled with lots of incorrect information. Be prepared to answer any questions that your guest might have for you regarding the products you are retailing.

Some questions that are most frequently asked are:

  • What does this product do?
  • Is this product sulfate free? Paraben free? Clean? Vegan?
  • Will it build up on the hair?
  • Is this product safe for my hair type?
  • I have a dry/oily/sensitive scalp, will this product work?
  • Is this safe for daily use?
  • Is this safe for chemically treated hair (color, keratin, chemical relaxer, perm)?

OLAPLEX retail products are developed to work with all hair textures and all hair types. Every single guest that sits in your chair can benefit from using the OLAPLEX line. They are completely safe to use daily, or as often as desired. I would often create an OLAPLEX regimen for my clients that directly correlated with their hair condition, hair care routine and desired goals. 

To learn more about OLAPLEX, what it does, how it works, and to learn about our Professional and Retail line of products, please visit our Resource Center here.

Be passionate

By this point we all know that OLAPLEX is a game changer.  There is nothing else that can do what OLAPLEX does and the quality of all of the products in the line is beyond impressive. OLAPLEX has a unique patented chemistry (learn more here) but did you know that OLAPLEX is also:

  • Sulfate (SLS & SLES) Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate free
  • Phosphate free
  • Free of Soy, Nuts, and Gluten
  • Free of aldehydes
  • Entirely Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Does NOT test on animals
  • Completely safe for ALL hair textures and types

You can feel safe using OLAPLEX in your salon and retailing the products to your guests.  OLAPLEX since inception has (and will always) use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products.  We believe in creating high quality products that everyone can benefit from because everyone deserves healthy, beautiful hair!

Some of the key benefits of OLAPLEX retail products are:

  • reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair
  • restore your hair’s healthy appearance and texture
  • highly-nourishing
  • hair protection from everyday stresses
  • Highly concentrated (not diluted) requiring minimal product usage
  • color-safe
  • highly-moisturizing
  • smoothing and eliminating frizz
  • speeds up blow-dry times (No. 6)
  • doesn’t weigh hair down
  • increases shine, softness, color vibrancy, and manageability (No. 7)
  •  heat protection of up to 450° (No. 7)

Now that is something to feel passionate about!

Share that education and passion with your guest.

A guest comes in and sits in your chair.  As the consultation begins you talk about the desired goal, what services need to be performed to achieve that goal and the timing to reach the goal if it cannot be done the same day.  You might touch on the haircut or style that your client is going for.  But, do you ask about their hair struggles at home? This is the perfect opportunity to open the conversation about OLAPLEX retail.  Take a couple of minutes during the consultation to talk about anything regarding the health of their hair.  Is it dry? Damaged? Unhealthy?  Don’t wait until they look in the mirror post service to talk about retail. Plant that seed now! 

Educate your guests on which products can help them with their hair struggles during their service and explain why. 

For example.  If your guest visits the salon every 6 weeks for chemical services,  you would want to begin by recommending they use OLAPLEX No. 3 at home once a week (even if you use OLAPLEX in their chemical service).
They might ask why it’s necessary if their hair is not “damaged”
A perfect response is

“OLAPLEX No. 3 has the same patented chemistry as the in salon treatment, just in a dose designed for at home use.  Using No. 3 once a week will repair and maintain the health of your hair between salon visits.  Not only will this help with the integrity of your hair, it will also help your color to last longer,  as well as make your hair more manageable. This will keep your hair looking like you have walked out of the salon every day! “

Giving a more thorough explanation of why the guest should use the product and adding a few key benefits for them specifically is the key here.  Don’t just explain the product-relate the product to the guest directly.

Your guest will recognize the passion you have for the products, how educated you are on them and that will instill a trust in you.They are more willing to purchase a product at your recommendation when you can explain why they need it and the positive effects it will have on them personally.

Use the products in your Salon

Last but certainly not least. USE THE PRODUCTS.
Use them in the salon.  Use them at home.  Give your co-worker or yourself a stand alone treatment.  Do side by side treatments and testing on hair swatches.  See and feel the difference for yourself.
Use the retail products in the salon and keep them at your station.  Tell them what you are using and explain why.  The seed was already planted throughout the service, now you’re giving them the “test drive”.  When it comes time to check out your guest will be asking you to add on the products you recommended. They are sure to love the results. You can guarantee in the future that they will continue to follow your guidance and recommendations.

Watch your retail business flourish

When you love a product, are fully educated on its capabilities and can show your guests how much of a game changer it is, that awkward “retail conversation” part at the end of each service goes away. They are going to want to purchase what you recommend time and time again.  With little to no effort, your retail business will begin to flourish when you implement these tips.  You don’t have to sell the product, you just need to remember these 4 things:

  1. Be educated
  2. Be passionate
  3. Share the above with every guest in your chair
  4. Use the products


This is how OLAPLEX sells itself.


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