OLAPLEX is always looking for ways to support our Professionals.

As all of us return to the salon, we know stylists are struggling to catch up while being restricted with time constraints. OLAPLEX wants to help you incentivize your clients to purchase gift cards from you.

By signing up with our program, you can offer your client up to $50 in OLAPLEX products for purchasing your salon’s gift cards.

“The Hair community is the backbone of OLAPLEX and they were the community that gave us our start”, emphasizes JuE Wong, CEO at OLAPLEX.

As States are planning to re-open, with some Hair Salons taking appointments, and others are still observing shelter-in-place, OLAPLEX wants to be available to the Hair dressers as they enter the next phase of COVID-19.

From May 27, 2020 OLAPLEX will commence its Salon Support Gift Card Program. This program will match $50+ gift cards the Salon sells to their clients with OLAPLEX products. The first 2,000 eligible Salons to apply will be accepted to participate. In the effort to offer this support to as many salons as possible, there is a $500 cap per salon participating in this program.

Salons interested to participate in this program are asked to apply on Olaplex.com via www.olaplex.com/pages/salon-support-application

Applications will close at midnight on June 4, 2020.

This gift card matching program is coming on the heels of the $300,000 OLAPLEX Strong Assistance Program and the OLAPLEX Professional Affiliate Program that has generated close to $300,000 commissions payable to the approved Affiliates.

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