August 26, 2020


What is summer hair? How do we treat it? Can it be prevented? These are all great questions!  Stylist Amy Spencer is here to answer all of our questions regarding “Summer Hair Repair”

Amy Spencer

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Amy Spencer Hair Salon Draper, UT
Years in the Industry: 16
Malibu C Artistic Team, Salon Scale Ambassador and Colortrak Crew 2020
Specialties include: Short Hair, Blonding and Corrective Color

“I am an extrovert, I thrive when I am around others. I pick up on the energy of humans, and I love to connect. Positivity is always my motto, and I try and lift others up. I love to be outside, and being near water calms me. I also have a mouth like a sailor at times, so I have to watch myself. LOL”

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What is summer hair and why is it an issue for some of our guests?

“Summer hair is hair that has been in the pool, lake and out in the elements and is in need of some treatments. Hair that has been colored with unconventional color. Clients believe it’s temporary and that’s not usually the case. It’s raspy, and in need of love.”

What can cause “summer hair” issues?

“Minerals and Chlorine.  Chlorine is an oxidizer that can cause the hair to become more porous. This creates a negative charge in the hair and makes it attract positively charges minerals and metallics. The sun also play a role in this. Not to mention heat tools- just baking little rocks and pieces of metal into those tiny little strands.”

Walk us through your consultation for this type of service.  What questions do you ask?  What tests do you do on the hair?

“I have an online consultation that asks questions and also allows my future clients to upload a current photo and any inspiration they may have for their hair. I ask questions like:

  1. What is your 2 year color/highlight history.
  2. What do you love about your hair? What do you dislike?
  3. How much time do you spend on your hair daily?
  4. Do you travel often, and are there medications that you take?

When doing a new color client, I require either a Crystal gel or a CPR treatment before I will perform a service. Then after that I do a control strand. It’s a great way to show them what we have going on. Then I talk about pricing, and we begin formulating. I think it’s important to communicate realistic expectations. I also love showing them visuals, especially when lifting. Showing them the levels we have to get through to get to our goal.”

Explain what you see and feel when someone has “Summer hair” that needs repair.  Are there any telltale signs that jump out at you? A feel….a look? Is there a way to test for this?

“It tangles easily. It can sometimes feel slimy when it’s wet. It can feel as if they haven’t rinsed the conditioner out of their hair when dry. Blondes will be brassy, browns will be dull. It also looks as if the ends are very damaged.  It can also feel sticky when wet and clump together. Think of an old barbies hair… yeah that is how it feels.”

Walk us through a normal “detox” service from start to finish.  What products do you use and how do you use them?

“My first step will be either Malibu C Crystal Gel or CPR. If I am staying in the same color realm, i’ll use Crystal Gel. If I am changing the direction, I go with CPR. If it’s a huge correction I will also use Malibu C Color Disruptor before CPR. Then I will do a control strand, and formulate. If needed, I will require an OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment. If not, I always use OLAPLEX in my color and lightener formulations.”

How do you gauge timing and cost for this type of service?

“I charge hourly for corrective work plus the cost of color. So Labor + Parts using my Salon Scale to help me figure it. I try to book big projects on a day by themselves or at the end of the day. That way I don’t feel rushed.  For non-corrective work I charge per service”

How do you recommend this type of service to your guest?

“I educate them and show them photos. Build trust with them by teaching them the reason why it’s needed in terms that they will understand and appreciate.”

Do you have specific recommendations for guests during the summer?

“I like to educate them on the importance of keeping their hair protected, not only by covering it up when possible, but by also using recommended at home care. Ideally, I have them come in 4 times a year for detox treatments. Then I have them use the corresponding Malibu packet at home (weekly) to maintain what we’ve done in the salon. Malibu Blondes and Hard Water are my best sellers. However, with many people embracing their curls, Curl Partner is getting up there too! OLAPLEX at home is also a must, 4,5,6, & 7 tend to fly off my shelves. I cannot wait to get No. 0  in their hands!”

What other products do you recommend your guests use at home?

“I hear that the sprite water filter is amazing, and i’ve even heard of one that uses Vitamin C in it. But I tell them to research it and find one that worked for them. We have unbelievably hard water here, with many cities using a combination of well water, and water from reservoirs.”

Explain to use why you use OLAPLEX and why OLAPLEX and Malibu C work so well together?

“OLAPLEX has the technology that gets my science nerd brain going. Since it was launched, I’ve been using it.  I have seen a remarkable difference in the integrity of my clients hair, and they’ve notice a difference as well. The reason that OLAPLEX and Malibu C work so well together is because we need to have a clean canvas in order to be able to get into the structure of the hair, and build the bonds. So removing impurities, and then strengthening the hair is so very important to me.”

What is your favorite thing about OLAPLEX?

“Its added value to me as a stylist, It sets me apart from stylists that don’t use it. I have clients comment often “nobody else has ever done this for my hair” They appreciate the extra steps that I take. I’ve also become part of a great community that uplifts and challenges me, and that has been a huge key to my success.”

What is your best tip/advice for first time OLAPLEX Users?

“USE IT. Follow the directions, and include it in your pricing.  Make it part of your signature services and the money and healthy hair will follow!”

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