What your client will look like after summer is usually a shocker, but never a surprise. You can almost bet they’ll sit in your chair with stressed out hair. As hard as it is to bid adieu to Summer fun, without proper restoration and maintenance of the hair’s integrity, your client may transition their summer damage into Fall. Before your clients set their eyes on their Fall transformation, help them get on track with healthy hair. Hair that is the healthiest it can be for you to create on and for them to wear confidently.


The summer season is harsh on hair for a multitude of reasons. The sun’s effects fade and lighten hair, resulting in damage. The hair is drier due to water, chlorine, and sun; when paired with more thermal styling than usual for those summer nights out, this season puts hair through the wringer. This is why it’s essential to educate your clients on OLAPLEX and how it can help prep their hair for Fall color while maintaining it. The ultimate Fall color prep to start them on is the No.0 Intensive At Home Bond Building Treatment. By now, you know the wonders the Stand Alone Treatment has worked on their hair. Consider No.0 paired with No.3 the at-home version of the treatment. Though not as potent as the salon-only version, this is a sure-fire way to rebuild their hair at-home before their appointment. 


To continue a healthy hair routine, using a professional shampoo and conditioner is a must. When it comes to color care, products used while washing the hair can either help or harm the hair. We know you understand the cons of your clients using drugstore shampoo and conditioner at home. However, recommending OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner provides them with more than just a professional shampoo and conditioner. No.4 and No.5 rebuild bonds in the hair, making it healthier while your client is doing what they usually would in the shower. A healthy wash routine is essential as OLAPLEX helps close the hair cuticle allowing the color to live longer and lower porosity, which helps with the fading process. This routine isn’t only for your color-treated clients; it’s for all hair types from virgin hair to highly compromised and straight to curly. Everyone can benefit from having healthier hair. 


Assuming your client follows this routine at home, let’s talk about your role in keeping their hair as healthy as possible, if not healthier than before. Using No.1 in the chemical process is essential, from lightener to glosses, mitigating the damage the chemicals do to the hair helps keep deterioration at bay. Recovering their hair after the chemical process is an equally important step, which means No.2 isn’t optional. The No.2 further rebuilds bonds, particularly the bonds that No.1 may have missed during processing. A mane as healthy as can be is the ideal way to transition to Fall and will ensure your work stays protected on your client’s head, lasting as long as possible.


Investing in OLAPLEX is minimal when you incorporate it into every service. The return per Salon Intro Kit is high, as is your client retention rate. Transitioning your client into any season should look the best possible, which means supporting their OLAPLEX journey with your product and professional knowledge and ensuring you deliver the best service possible in the salon.

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